Supply chains are becoming more complex as in today’s market place the power is in the hands of the customers who demand diversified products and services with higher sense of urgency.
These expectations tend to put a lot of pressure on enterprises to expand globally, diversify and accelerate their time to market.
The end result is a host of challenges in supply chain planning and execution:

  • Complex logistics models
  • Volatile market conditions
  • Lack of effective data analytics & reporting tools
  • Numeres systems working in silos leading to planning and execution gaps

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) powered by SAP HANA is a new planning solution and approach aimed at addressing these challenges

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • State-of-the-art responsive planning
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Demand-driven supply chain planning
  • Quick response to demand changes
  • Harmonized common Data Model
  • Cross-Function Business Decisions Enabler
  • Common platform of Information to all Stakeholders

alphachain's IBP service offerings

  • Highly experienced team in implementing various supply chain solutions
  • Rapid prototyping approach to showcase customer specific scenarios
  • Expertise in leveraging the SAP Rapid Deployment content for fast and smooth implementation with a headstart through prototype transfer
  • Integration of SAP IBP with heterogeneous systems

alphachain's Service Offerings

SAP IBP Implementations

We implement SAP IBP using an iterative process prototyping approach, which involves modelling a client’s business processes with a development system and adapting these step by step – in close co-operation with management and key-users – to the specific needs of your company.

In repeated cycles of customising, testing and approval, your company’s business processes are imaged in the software and analysed in ever-greater detail until we finally arrive at an optimised integrated solution that satisfies your company’s process requirements and meets the standard set by SAP software.

SAP IBP Proof of Concept

We help you realistically foresee your company’s key business processes in this new software and guide you to build an implementation roadmap. With us you can get a close look at all the latest SAP IBP offerings through our overview sessions and also detailed demos for your selected processes.


  • Know which IBP offerings make sense for your business
  • Quickly and effectively imagine your key processes working
  • Quick & Cost effective

SAP IBP Support

We offer expert SAP IBP support services to help you keep running. Our team of experts can offer quick, practical solutions and also help you coordinate and implement them.

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